Coober Capital

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Coober Capital is a proprietary trading firm whose main goal is to exploit inefficiencies in the equity markets. Coober is dedicated to producing superior risk-adjusted returns. The firm develops trading strategies to identify non-random patterns in behaviours of financial markets. Exploiting these inefficiencies allows to earn exceptional returns while mitigating risk. We trade across major asset classes including equities, equity indices and commodities in United States and Europe.

About Us

Evaluation of risk is crucial part of daily business. We prefer consistency rather than absolute return.

Our fund is diversified across strategies and asset classes. By diversified approach is primarily meant a pursuit of stability and low correlation to US equity market. We believe that diversification should be ensured not only involving different assets but mainly through different types of trading strategies.

In our young collective we supports team work abilities. Our high standard demands selective approach through entire work process. Coober’s team consists of traders, risk-managers, researchers and developers. This mix of individuals with a high level of expertise in different areas allows Coober to develop an innovative and unconventional approach towards trading. Common goal isn’t only to profit but also to outperform.


Risk is part of life. Avoiding all risk would result in no achievement, no progress and no reward.

In a highly competitive industry that demands constant improvement, we are more than up to the task. Every aspect of our business is seen and measured from entrepreneur perspective. This approach ensures we’re utilizing the most effective resources available for trading.


Coober is seeking motivated individuals to join our reputable trading team. To share this opportunity, incoming applicants must be fully committed to trading and individually motivated for success. They must already possess certain talents and abilities which help them stand out from the crowd. Qualities like determination, passion or positive attitude. We are looking for candidates who are eager to deploy their exceptional technical skills in an entrepreneurial environment that provides some of the most exciting and rewarding challenges a career can offer.

Current opportunities:

    Junior Trader Analyst

    • Support strategy developers and database administrators by expanding financial market databases.
    • Processing and analyse various financial markets data like price, volume, corporate actions or news.
    • Working with different data sources like Bloomberg, Refinitiv and other data providers.
    • Apply and further develop your data science and programming skills.
    • Manage our systems and make sure that our trading and portfolios adhere to risk and trading limits.
    • Identify processes where enhancement or automation would prove beneficial and be involved in the implementation.

    We are looking for a candidate that have:

    • Good programming skills in a programming language - preferably R or Python.
    • Strong interest in financial markets, programming and data analysis.
    • Sense for detail and willingness to dig deep into new topics.
    • Entrepreneurial and self-motivated character.

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